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A Few Things You Should Know about Shoplifting

If you are an adult that doesn’t see much harm in taking a a low priced item from a store, there are a few important things you need to know.

There are many actions regarded as shoplifting

Most people when they think of shoplifting, only think about leaving the store with merchandise that you didn’t pay for. However, there are many things that people do in retail stores that fall under the category of shoplifting. For example, if you do anything to alter price tags, you are breaking the law. Some people think they can switch tags, putting a lower priced tag on an item with a higher price, but this is a form of shoplifting. Also, you cannot conceal merchandise while you are in the store. People do this with the intent of walking out of the store, and then if they are caught, they will simply say that they forgot it was in their pocket or coat. Never conceal merchandise.

Some stores will prosecute

Many large retail stores have found in the past that it was cheaper to simply let people go after they are caught shoplifting. They usually make them sign a paper stating that they will never go into the store again, but if they do, they will be prosecuted. Unfortunately, this policy has resulted in a green light for shoplifters. If they’re caught, then they sign a paper and start shoplifting at another store. There are many stores to steal from. Because of this, many stores are going back to a policy of zero tolerance and are calling the police. Which stores are doing this is something you will not know in advance.

Shoplifting can be a felony

Too often, thieves think that shoplifting is not a serious crime. The worst that will happen is a fine. If you’re an adult and you make a habit of shoplifting, you may think this is a small price to pay for doing business. However, shoplifting can quickly become a felony. For example, shoplifting charges fairfax va can become a felony with as little as $200. It doesn’t take much merchandise to walk out the door and end up with a felony on your record.


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