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Social Hacking: The Security Threat That Hides in Plain Sight

Companies are investing more and more in cybersecurity, and rightfully so. Cybercriminals always manage to stay one step ahead of technology, and a weak or compromised network is an invitation for them to steal sensitive and proprietary data. What many businesses are not aware of, however, is the rise of social hacking, and the importance of using security services company Louisiana to combat it.

What is Social Hacking?

Social hacking is a technique used by criminals to gain access to private data or restricted areas to illegally acquire information to sell or exploit. Telephone scams are a form of social hacking, for example. Perhaps the most disturbing trend is for cyber criminals to come into a business posing as a repair service, vendor, or even new employee to steal information. In some extreme cases, criminals will go so far as to apply to a company, get a job there, go through training, and steal data from the inside!

Who and What is Vulnerable?

It’s important for businesses to work with a security services company Louisiana to protect their data, because every business is vulnerable. If you have a physical location with employees, there are ways for criminals to use social hacking to try to gain access. What they are looking for is internal network passwords, laptops or portable devices that can easily be stolen, or documents such as invoices or business plans that they can sell or use to try to hold for ransom payments.

What Can be Done to Fight It?

In addition to hiring security services company Louisiana to screen and turn away suspicious people, training staff is your best defense against social hacking. Tell employees not to allow strangers into the building or hold the door for them. Politely ask anyone you don’t know what their business is at your office, and verify with management, or call their home base if they claim to be an unfamiliar vendor.

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