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3 Tips on How To Stay Out of Jail On a Wild Night at College

College is a first time, new world of independence and wild freedom for most. All the movies and chaotic stories you have heard about life on campus sound like a thrilling escapade. Before you venture out into the wild party weekend or experiment with the limits of your brand-new environment, take a moment to read through these three tips on how to stay safe, and out of jail, on a wild night out.

Never Go Solo

Even if you have only been at college for a week or two, there is probably someone you know. Yes, it may be your dreary or boring roommate, but there is safety in numbers when it comes to attending a wild party. Knowing there is someone who can help you out of a bad situation can be critical to your safety. Oh, and never walk home alone at night.

Always Be Aware

When alcohol flows at a college party, there can be more than one disruption during the night. If you don’t want to end up calling a representative at Wayne County bail bonds to get you out of jail, be aware of your surroundings at all times. If a fight breaks out, move to a different room. If you hear sirens blasting outside, you may want to leave the area – calmly, of course.

Guard Your Drink

Sadly, you need to guard your cup. If you use the restroom, discard it and begin with a fresh drink. If possible, hold your cup in your hands at all times and don’t look away from it if you leave it on the table next to you. You never know when someone may slip a roofie or other drug into the liquid, and it is easy to do. For safety, guard our cup.

Use the three tips above to stay safe at any college or university party. Being overly cautious may sound dramatic but preventing bodily harm or jail time is worth the extra effort.

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