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2 Examples of Workplace Sexual Harassment

Dealing with a stressful workplace can take a toll on even the most dedicated employee. One of the causes of stress may be harassment, which can take many forms. However, one of the most significant issues looming in the workplace is sexual harassment. There are various ways in which this can occur. Take a look at three examples of sexual harassment.

1. Inappropriate Comments

Everyone has been in an uncomfortable position a time or two when it comes to listening to inappropriate comments. Whether you were at work or out with friends socializing, some words may strike harder than others. Sexually inappropriate comments may come in the form of general gender comments, or they may be more personally directed. When a coworker or client makes these type of statements, they may rise to the level of sexual harassment. A sexual harassment lawyer baltimore md is a great resource for defining these statements as appropriate or not.

2. Unwanted Advances

The most often talked about claims of sexual harassment at work revolve around inappropriate advances of one employee towards another. When there is an interest in escalating a work-only relationship into something else, but the feeling is not mutual, the advances may come off as pushy and uncomfortable. If a superior makes these gestures towards someone else, it can get even worse as the pressure to accept these advances may increase.

3. LGBTQ Harassment

Sexuality and orientation are more out in the open than ever. As such, more people may be declaring their true identity, and this can sometimes lead to jokes and harassment at work. If someone at your job makes broad-sweeping and hurtful comments or jokes about the LGBTQ community, these comments are covered under the sexual harassment umbrella. Offensive remarks made by someone of the same orientation or gender may also rise to the level of harassment if someone is offended by them.

Sexual harassment is not something that should be tolerated by an employee in any way, shape or form. A few words or misplaced jokes may rise to a level that violates local and federal laws.

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