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Fighting a DUI Charge

Drivers make mistakes, from either missing a light or neglecting the speed limit. If you’re stopped after having a drink or two, it becomes a trickier situation. It’s no longer a traffic error, but now you could be considered driving under the influence. These charges are more serious and bring out harsher consequences. Know how to handle the event, and be prepared to seek the right help.

What Are Common DUI Signs?

When the officers pull you over for speeding or erratic driving, they may spend several minutes asking you information. During this time, they are not chatting you up to make a friend. They are doing a quick assessment of behavior, trying to determine whether you made a mistake because of drugs or alcohol. Be prepared to speak clearly and confidently, looking them in the eye. Signs of slurred speech, odd comments, or unusual smells could trigger further investigation.

What Should You Do?

During the traffic stop, remain calm and limit the conversation as much as possible. Don’t be rude. Speak politely and concisely, giving them little information about your day. Don’t mention whether you ate out, had a drink or met up with friends. Limit suspicion as much as possible. Then, if asked to complete field tests, inform them that the discussion cannot go further without legal counsel. Contact a fairfax reckless driving lawyer to assist you in the matter. If taken into custody, go willingly and wait for aid. Do not give permission to take a blood or saliva test.

What Could Happen?

Allow your law firm to address the charges. They can work with prosecutor’s to discuss the case’s validity. This may mean attending court, if prosecutors think they have enough evidence. During that time, you may need to pay bail; otherwise, you’ll need to remain in jail for a bit. Work to show the judge good behavior and common sense.

If pulled over, give very little information. Hopefully, by refusing tests and following counsel’s advice, the case may be dropped or mitigated.

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