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How to create an online lawyer profile

Lawyers often call me to complaint that they are not getting any clients even after registered with online lawyers directories. Recently I have done few researches on their profile and noticed one common pattern within their profiles. In short, they just added into those online directories without any care and the outcome is negative because of the improper or incomplete profile. Let me add following tips while creating your profile with any online directories,

  1. Add your full name and address, please avoid adding any short names.
  2. You must have to add a photo with your profile as it would give some reality in the virtual world. Use your own photo in a professional outfit.
  3. If you have distinguishable years of experience then only mention the number of years of experience in the profile. Try to avoid adding 0,1,2,3 years of experience figures.
  4. Add your education, practicing courts, locality and a brief description.
  5. Be specific about your specializations such as divorce, property, business which should be able to understand by a normal user.
  6. Try to add reviews from your customers and mention it in the profile.
  7. If possible include a video profile, where you should present yourself in a better way to the customers.
  8. Add map (location of your office) into your profile.
  9. Re-verify the given phone number & email id.
  10. If possible add an appointment calendar in your profile as it will bring a professional approach.
  11. Include your website in the profile with a hyper link.
  12. Put a wide range of practice timings, say 8 AM to 10 PM

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