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Basic Tips for New Concealed Gun Carriers

When you’ve completed the necessary steps to earn your concealed carry license, it’s time to make decisions about which guns to carry, learn how to choose wardrobe pieces, and understand your new responsibilities.

Choose Your Gun

It may seem logical to choose a smaller gun because it’s easier to hide and lighter to tote around, but this may defeat your purpose for carrying it in the first place. Those little guns are harder to sight, are harder to grip, and generally require an advanced level of expertise. Instead, choose a gun that is best suited to your abilities and purpose.

Pick Clothing Based on Your Gun

This means choosing concealed carry coats and jackets, belts, and other items based on keeping your gun concealed. One of the things that new gun carriers worry about is “printing.” This refers to the visible outline of some part of your handgun or holster. You need to research legal requirements for concealment where you live and anywhere you travel – especially if you travel outside of your home state. With this in mind, you need to decide where you want to carry, which type of holster you prefer, and which pieces of clothing are best at preventing printing.

Know the Law and Understand Your Responsibilities

When you have a gun on your person, you have additional responsibilities as a citizen. You have increased accountability for any trouble you get into, especially if you are involved in any type of altercation. When you’re carrying, you must respond to rudeness, insolence, and confrontations with a smile and by walking away. It’s also very important that you are well-versed in the laws in your area and anywhere you plan to visit.

One of your top priorities when conceal carrying is knowing where and when you can carry, what the specific laws are, and how to keep up with changes in the law. The type of gun and clothing you choose must be guided by this awareness.

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