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When To Consider Hiring a Child Custody Attorney

Fighting for your right to stay with your kids after you have separated from your spouse can somehow be overwhelming and hectic. However, hiring an experienced child custody attorney can simplify the process for you. The attorneys are part of family law who has specialized in child custody cases. In most cases, child custody issues that are handled by an attorney turn out to be successful without escalating to court trials. The attorney will assist the parents in arguing the case by putting the kids’ best interests in their minds. This way, they will manage to negotiate appropriately without going to court.

If you can manage to sit down with your other spouse and agree peacefully on handling the custody issue, then hiring an attorney may not be necessary. However, this is very rare, and arguments related to child custody can at times be very intense. That is why you would need the child custody attorney to assist you in coming to a mutual agreement. Several reasons can make you hire a child custody attorney.

  • The first reason is when the other parent has an attorney to represent them. It is easy to lose a child custody case when you are all alone while the other party has representation. Child custody attorneys have significant experience in such cases and would fight for the rights of their clients. In this case, if you decide to represent yourself, chances are the table will turn against you. It is always advised to consider getting an attorney if you know the other party has representation. However, if the process is too costly for you and you cannot manage it, ensure you seek advice from one of the attorneys to understand how you can represent yourself appropriately.
  • You can also consider hiring an attorney when the relationship with your spouse has cases of domestic violence. It is almost impossible to argue out of child custody with your spouse when they physically abuse you. Therefore, it would be best if you hired an attorney to assist you in settling on a mutual agreement. When individuals find it costly, they can consider seeking help from organizations that offer legal help.
  • When your past life was not that good, for instance, you had a history of substance abuse or were regularly caught on the wrong side of the law. As mentioned earlier, child custody can involve lots of heated arguments between the spouses. In this case, nothing would stop the other party from bringing out some of the worst life scenarios that happened in the past. They would do this so that they may get all the reasons to win the case. Therefore, if you had a questioning history in the past, it would be better if you looked for an attorney to handle your case. The attorney will apply the law to help your other spouse understand such a history cannot be the main determinant factor in deciding the child custody case.
  • When the other party’s attitude has significantly changed, for instance, they become bitter and worse every time you seek discussions concerning kids. Such a case should make you hire an attorney. There is no way you will be able to discuss matters related to the custody of your kids when your other spouse does not receive and return calls or does not show interest in visiting your kids. Hiring an attorney would put them on the right track since they will face the law if they go against it.

Your kids’ interests should always come first, even when negotiating child custody cases. The cases can, at times, get complicated, especially if you do not understand the requirements of the law. You may decide to handle the case as co-parents, but some issues may sometimes force you to hire an attorney. If this is the case, do not hesitate to find one to handle a child custody case.

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