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5 Different Types of Lawyers

All lawyers must attend law school, earn a degree and pass the bar exam in their state, but how they practice law after they complete these requirements varies a lot. There are many different types of lawyers that have specific niches. Because the law can be so complex, lawyers often specialize in certain areas and hone their expertise there. Below are five (of many) different types of law.

1. Divorce Law

A divorce attorney Fairfax VA will help individuals going through a divorce in that area. They are familiar with the laws and procedures necessary for getting a divorce in Virginia. Different states have slightly different laws for divorces, but a divorce attorney will know the ins and outs of them.

2. Defense Law

Crimes occur all the time, and defense lawyers and prosecutors try to help their clients pursue charges or defend themselves from possible punishment. People who practice defense law are in courtrooms more often than other lawyers, which means they are more familiar with court proceedings as compared to others.

3. Tax Law

The tax system in the United States can be really complicated, and some people unknowingly do not pay their taxes correctly. If they become noncompliant, tax attorneys can help them sort through the rules and regulations so that they can become compliant.

4. Entertainment Law

Lawyers who work in entertainment law work with people who are in the public spotlight, which includes athletes, actors, musicians and famous brands. These lawyers may help individuals negotiate contracts and intellectual property rights, such as a singer who wants to own their original music.

5. Environmental Law

Individuals who work in environmental law know a lot about the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) policies and they work with different organizations and citizens to help prevent environmental damage. This may include damage from different fossil fuel use or different pollutants that people may be exposed to.

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