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Exploring the Legal Process and Hiring a Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence allegations can be life-changing and affect a person’s reputation. They also lead to orders of protection that can restrict a person from their family home, place of work, or other places they frequently visit.

It is why hiring a domestic violence attorney right away is crucial. They will act as your liaison and help you reach a favorable outcome much faster than you would.

What to Expect

Domestic violence allegations can be severe and have a lasting impact on your life. They may result in losing your job, being unable to rent an apartment, or paying child support or alimony. In addition, a conviction on your record will significantly affect your relationship with your family and friends.

You can clear your name and get the charges against you dropped with the assistance of an experienced domestic violence attorney Wayne County NC. They know how to conduct an independent investigation to review evidence such as body-cam footage and medical reports from the alleged victim. They can also request other information from the prosecution, such as witness lists and a statement by your accuser that explains but does not contradict her initial statements given to police.

They can also act as your connection with the decision-makers you need to influence on your behalf and the legal process, including court appearances like the arraignment.


Many people charged with domestic violence are forced to leave their homes, lose their jobs, and may not be able to see their children. These issues have an enormous impact on their daily lives. In addition to losing freedom, a person found guilty will have a criminal record.

A good domestic violence attorney will work hard to prove your innocence. They can bargain with the prosecution for a less sentence if they cannot get the charges withdrawn.

They can also work to prevent an order of protection from profoundly impacting your life. These orders typically instruct the accused to stay a certain distance from the alleged victim, their home, workplace, and other places they frequent. A well-drafted declaration by the “victim” explaining but not contradicting statements she already gave to police can help in these cases. The lawyer can be a liaison among the decision-makers to influence them on your behalf.

Meetings with the Prosecutor

Domestic violence accusations are serious business and can impact you in various ways. Hiring an attorney early on can make all the difference in charges, trial, and outcome.

The prosecutor works for the state and will decide whether to charge you with a crime. The prosecutor seeks information supporting the case, and a conviction can have serious consequences.

An interview with the prosecutor is not a time to impress but to remain calm and be truthful. If you are uncertain about a question, it is okay to ask for a break to confer with your lawyer or take a deep breath.

A domestic violence attorney is familiar with court procedures and will be able to advise you on what to expect during an arraignment, trial, sentencing, or any other procedure. They also know how to file motions to suppress evidence, change a no-contact order, and more.


The trial process is long and stressful, but an experienced domestic violence attorney can work to speed up the trial as much as possible. They can also act as a liaison with the decision-makers on your behalf. It can significantly increase the likelihood that something good will happen.

Domestic violence charges are serious, and a conviction could have significant consequences. For example, it might impact your reputation and future employment prospects. It may also prevent you from having a close relationship with your children.

During the process, your lawyer can help you understand your rights and ensure you do not say anything that might compromise your case. Remember, conversations with your lawyer are privileged. Talking to anyone else about your case, even trusted family members or friends, is not advisable. It might lead to them being called as a witness at your trial, which can have serious consequences for your defense.


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