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What You Should know about New Export Control Laws

The export of any item to a foreign country comes within the purview of export control regulations.  The word item indicates not only commodities but also services and technologies.  The export administrative regulations are meant to impose restrictions on the export of items to a person in a foreign country so as to maintain the safety and security and also the economic system prevailing in the country.   Without these regulations it would become difficult to control the business community in this era of internet and other communication processes.  The world market has become global and the transactions are increasing day by day.

Just by asking certain questions to the concerned authorities, it is possible to get all the necessary information regarding the new export control laws.  It is possible to get step by step instructions regarding the commodity classifications.  On the basis of the advisory opinion, it is to be decided whether it is required to obtain a license to export the item.  First of all it is necessary to find out whether it is a commercial transaction or not.  There are regulations on what to export, where to export and whom to export.  The end use of the item exported is also enquired about.

Many of the items exported may come under the general license granted.  The new export control laws are enacted to classify the items on the basis of a classification list in which export control classification numbers are assigned to each item.  If any additional information regarding a particular item is required, that is also available. There are cases where no license is required or exceptions are permitted.  It is advisable to undergo an online training or attend export control seminars to know more about the intricacies of the concerned rules and regulations.

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