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All You Need To Know If You Plan To Work In Romania

What do I have to do if I want to work in Romania?

First of all, you must find an open position and apply for it, after you have passed all their tests and accepted to work for the company; they will obtain the Romanian work permit for you.

Only one entity or individual can hire you and he must submit the request for your work permit at the territorial units of the Romanian General Inspectorate for Immigration alongside a series of documents.

What are the conditions for getting the Romanian work permit?

The employer must pay a 200 Euro equivalent in Ron for a cross-border, permanent or deployed worker, or even for a trainee. On the other hand, if you are a foreigner with temporary study residence visa in Romania and an employer want to hire you after you graduate, he must pay the equivalent of 50 Eur. This 50 Euro tax is also valid for hiring a person that has a temporary residence permit for family reunification or if the function changes with the same employer or the employer changes, as well as for a seasonal worker.

The proof of payment must be submitted in original.

What if I do not have a Romanian or EU citizenship, can I work in Romania?

Yes, you can, if you meet the following requirements:

  • The open job can’t be filled by a permanent resident in Romania or a Romanian citizen of other EU member state/EEA
  • You can prove that you are medically fit for the specific activity
  • You have the necessary training, experience and authorization for the job
  • You don’t have any criminal records that can affect your work in Romania
  • You are in line with the approved annual quota
  • The employer has no sanctions for the past 3 years regarding illegal employment
  • The employer runs the exact activities that he is authorized for and for which the work permit is requested
  • The employer has paid all obligations to the state

On the other hand, the first condition can be skipped if you:

  • Are a professional athlete and you can prove that you have pursued similar activities in other countries
  • Seek a seasonal work permit
  • Seek a cross-border work permit
  • Are an administrator of an international company and are the sole person appointed for the job

What are the options for me to be hired in Romania?

There are a lot of options depending on the type of activity that you want to develop in Romania:

  • You can be a trainee worker – by attending a fixed term stage in order to get a professional qualification, cultural skills and language
  • You can be a cross-border worker – for an individual contract of limited or indefinite stay in Romania for foreigner citizens that live in a state with a common border with Romania and is employed in a border state
  • You can be a permanent worker – with an individual contract of indefinite period or fixed term
  • You can be a seasonal worker – when the sector of activity is seasonal, with an individual contract of limited duration of maximum 6 months per year
  • You can be a deployed worker – when you are temporary relocated from a third country company remaining employed with a valid contract to a beneficiary of the company
  • You can be a ICT worker – transferred to a branch of the same company
  • You can be a high qualified worker – hired in Romania on a highly skilled job with indefinite or fix term contract for minimum 1 year

What documents do I need to file in order to obtain the work permit in Romania?

No matter the option you go for, you will need to file a long list of documents in order to obtain the work permit, the documents are mainly the same, with small differences:

  1. Motivational form
  2. Proof of the legal empowerment of the employer
  3. Copy of identity card of the employer
  4. Fiscal certificate issued by ANAF in order to prove that the employer has paid all of his obligation to the state
  5. Certificate from the employment agency where the employer must announce the candidates for the vacant job, 60 days before submitting the request
  6. Job description, organizational chart with filled and open positions
  7. Proof of publication of the job in a large circulation daily print
  8. Firm employment offer
  9. Copy of the minute written after the selection
  10. Affidavit regarding that the foreigner is medically fit for the job
  11. CV of the candidate and 2 ¾ photos
  12. Attestation for necessary studies in order to occupy the position
  13. If necessary, authorization document provided by the law
  14. Copies of the documents that show the professional training as a result of education or professional experience, translated and legalized (if the case)
  15. Copies of documents that attest obtaining the professional qualification for filling the position, in Romania or other member state of the EU (if the case)
  16. Judiciary certificate of the foreigner issued by the country of origin
  17. Judiciary certificate of the employer
  18. Copy of a valid passport

How long does the process take after submitting all necessary files?

It takes about 30 days from registration in order for the General Inspectorate of Immigration from Romania to issue the work of deployment permit. This term might be extended by 15 days, if additional clarifications are needed.

Is there a way to find out more information about employment and other types of visas in Romania?

Yes, please feel free to visit Immigration Romania, the Work Permit in Romania section, or the articles were our lawyers talk about the Long Term Visas Needed For Romania.

Our team of specialized lawyers in immigrations will be happy to serve you, so do contact us if need our legal assistance.

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