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GGHTx : A Global Health Initiative by Co-Founder Avi Kerendian

Avi Kerendian has worked hard in building Gracias Global Health Trips (GGHTx).This is a non-profit organization that helps the underserved communities at a global level. GGHTx is working together with governmental institutions and also native leaders, to smartly offer medical solutions, and education to people who need it most.

Avi Kerendian has chosen, handled, and help lead a lot of volunteers on many mission journeys organizing all logistical aspects from direction to the establishing of medical sites. On this process, Avi Kerendian has created alliances with local people, fundraised, and also helped developed projects of health education. To date, GGHTx has provided medical and also dental relief to many patients, most of them are children and women.

Those who want to be Volunteers with Avi Kerendian GGHTx and Zidan Benevolence International will be recruited through the strict process, in which their nonprofit and volunteer medical skills must be validated. Consequently, the co-founders of the program conduct a virtual interview to find out more about the candidate along with their interest in joining this project. It is better to be aware of narcissist definition and such conditions.

After the volunteer is chosen, training will be done in the headquarters of Los Angeles and New York, in the United States, in which they get all the details about the place of visit, traditions, culture, and also medical needs of the people.

The volunteers of the GGHTx programs have to respect constantly the dignity as well as the value of the locals, providing their support with humbleness; working as a team, coordinating with their task with their friends, as well as being responsible and supportive, fulfilling their dedication with diligence and in a good manner. For volunteers, this job is usually more than a global medical mission. This can be a life experience, filled with emotions and learning.

GGHTx always focus on improving and changing as many patient lives as possible through their projects that are partnered with many organizations and volunteers who take in the culture and the warmth of the locals.

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