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Immigration Investment Opportunities

The United States is a melting pot for many different industries, inventors, professionals, and investors. This brings great economic versatility to the country, but it can take a while before a foreign investor can take their place among the business elite of the U.S. For foreigners looking to invest in commercial enterprises may want to consider contacting an eb5 investor visa Houston TX attorney, who can help them fill out the right paperwork to ensure their application is processed without delay. There are certain requirements, however, that must be met when the application is first filed.

Required Investment Amounts

For an EB-5 applicant to be considered, the individual must be prepared to make either a $500,000 or $1 million capital investment into a commercial enterprise within the United States. There no limits on the form of the investment, as it can be cash, purchasing equipment, securing indebtedness, stocking inventory, acquiring tangible property, or investing cash equivalents. If the investment is being made into a targeted employment area (TEA), the limit of the investment may be decreased to $500,000. However, the TEA must be a rural or high unemployment area if it is going to qualify.

Employment Investment

In addition to the location of the investment, anyone looking to pursue an EB-5 visa will need to have their enterprise create at least 10 full-time jobs for U.S. workers. The jobs do not have to a part of the initial investment, but there is a two year period that must be complied with in order to receive conditional permanent residency. If an EB-5 investor is able to produce proof that the 10 jobs were created either directly or indirectly, it is favorable for their application processing. The jobs are to be a part of the greater community good, either as they supply services or goods for the investment.

Because immigration has many complicated components, it is always advised that you seek legal counsel to help your application process. There is plenty of hope and potential in the land of opportunity, provided immigrants follow the established procedures and comply with immigration law.

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