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What to Look For in an Immigration Attorney

Immigration and citizenship in the United States continues to be a complex process. With so many statutes and regulations that are constantly in place, you should hire an expert in immigration law to help you figure out where you stand. Don’t chance it. Consult a legal specialist and keep these things in mind as you make a decision.

Location Matters

Although immigration is largely a federal concern, you’ll want to make sure that your attorney is allowed to practice in the state you live in by licensure. Should you find yourself unhappy with their work, you can report them to a State Bar Association. Checking with the bar association allows you to check their record for disciplinary actions. There may be legal nuances that are specifically related to where you live. For instance, if you lived in Maryland, you would want to consult an immigration lawyer Columbia MD.

Experience Matters

When it comes to immigration, a Cordova injury lawyers discussing premises liability says that any lawyer just won’t do. You need an attorney that has specific expertise with the intricacies of the law. For instance, obtaining a k1 fiance visa might be something that a regular immigration lawyer would not know. You need lawyers who specialize in the area of the k1 fiance visa.

Research that attorney’s track record and years of experience in this field. Good counsel will be up front with their actual case record concerning immigration. They will be knowledgeable about what issues can potentially hurt your case.

Customer Service Matters

Trust your instincts by making note of how your attorney makes you feel. If you have misgivings about that person, you can fire them and get new representation. Your attorney should be reliable and make you and your case a priority. Watch out for firms that never put you in direct contact with the person handling your case. If getting a hold of your lawyer is a challenge, that’s a red flag.

The consequences of misunderstanding the law can be devastating. Jeopardizing citizenship or your eligibility to work and do business can have serious negative impacts to your life and that of your loved ones. Hire a lawyer with specific immigration law experience that provides great customer service.

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